Chakra System

Chakra Healing System

One solution for all the chakras in one full system. Comfortably matching bracelets could be worn all together or separately. Makes a great gift


Evil Reject Kit

Whether you believe in dark magic or not, you are at risk to pick up someone else’s evil intent. Protect yourself from nightmares & psychic attacks with these simple natural repellants crafted with best herbs and materials. Black Salt, Protection Oil and Protection Powder create an unfavorable environment for parasitic energies.


Self-Expression Throat Activation Chocker

Beautiful natural suede cold with a lapis lazuli will be doing it’s magic as you rock on your neck. Lapis Lazuli is a throat chakra balancing crystal that removes all the blocks when it comes to your speech, self-realization or making an impression. It helps you to stay on your divine purpose path & activities. It protects you from psychic attacks, reduces inflammation and gives sense of peace.


Envy Out

Evil Eye Triple threat car / door knob charm is at play along with a beautiful catchy looking bracelet. The cast iron coffin nail neutralizes all the negative energy. The bell usually breaks the stagnant energy and transmutes it. Large evil eye bead makes it extra visible to anyone that passes your home. They would not even begin to dare to pass an ill thought.


Bronzite Warrior Bracelet

Promotes Harmony and helps with unsettled emotions Protects from dark arts Self-confidence boost Sleeping with it is recommended. There are mixed opinions, but most of the negative attacks happen during the sleep. So, if you are distressed, it is detected negativity.


Peridot Delight Bracelet

Wear every day! Promotes mental and emotional balance Brings joy & enhances the mood Reduces stress & anger Brings renewal & boosts creativity


Cosmic Powerhouse

Moldavite Bracelet Intense frequency crystal & connection to cosmic consciousness and expansion. Promotes rapid transformation Amplifies Psychic abilities Activates all chakras Helps with extraterrestrial powers Known as “powerhouse of multiplicity” Expands vibration of unconditional love Free Domestic Shipping + free gift


African Helper Trio Bracelet Set

Invoke these powerful African deities into your every day life as a team-players who will help you achieve ultimate success. Papa Legba represents red and black colors. He controls gateways to different realms, removes obstacles ( do not wear this one to bed!) Oggun is represented by green and black colors. You get career & financial opportunities, protection from the accidents and favorable outcome when there is a competition, also protection from getting hurt. Oshun is represented by orange and yellow colors. This beautiful Goddess will provide beauty, love and luxury. All concentrated and blessed. Made with a durable stretchy cord.


Third Eye Vision Tea

Personal favorite Divination tea helps with the clarity while doing readings or meditating. Ingredients: Yarrow, Mugwort, Mint, Jasmine Flowers, Rose petals and Lavender 3 oz. in the sealed bag, instructions are also included.


Fast Money Oil

Use to anoint candles, ritual tools, hands etc This oil is made with personalized ingredients with purest intentions & contains the element of speed for a steady results. Variety of herbs, a charm and an amber bead brings healing to the money channels, also corresponds with luck and protection of what has been gained.


Fast Money Magnet Kit

Beautifully crafted Money Charm, bracelet made with Aventurine, Citrine and Pyrite and Fast Money Oil


Love Oil

Amber glass 2 oz. bottle is made with dried rose petals, hibiscus, whole cloves, rosemary, basil, cinnamon, geranium and bergamot. Could be used for love spells and baths. Free Domestic Shipping


“Demon Slayer” pendant with protection oil

Pendant is made with a forged iron nail, suede lace and natural cedar bead. Iron nail will dispel hostile magic and drives off malicious spirits. Protection oil includes powerful herbs such as St. John’s wort, vetiver, rosemary, juniper berries, mullein, hyssop whole black pepper, basil, bay leaves. Could be used for protections spells. Comes with a handy container to carry small magical items. Free Domestic Shipping


Witch Bottle (for practitioners)

You will receive everything you need for this ritual with the instructions


Unsent Text Messages Bundle

Counterparts are speaking to each other through this oracle. Something they could not say to each other in 3D, but it was not a problem in 5D. Very fun for love readings. Each deck has 90 cards.


Unsent Text Messages + Karmic Bundle

We got the counterparts talking and the Karmic Energy interfering. Spirit is getting more specific with us…


Voices of the Departed Oracle

Messages from the departed loved ones. Great for mediumship readings and for personal card pull.


The Lenormand Deck/Extended Version

Extended Version, 50 divination cards to obtain more information and clarity. Beautiful glossy, high quality deck is pleasure to work with. Free domestic shipping


Reminders from the Galactic Family

Message reminders from the loving Arcturians who are assisting us on the Spiritual journey


Departed Children Speak Oracle

Dedicated to my son Aleksander who left the Earth too soon due to Carcinoma. My son is a very active assistant in my practice; he was able to bring many other departed children to pass along some loving messages for the bereaved parents who seek answers, comfort and healing.


Human Essence Oracle

Collaboration with a soul sister Jamie. Equally channeled, beautiful input with love and compassion for humanity. Don’t forget to check out the flip through on YouTube. Retail $55


Distorted Masculine

Warning : very triggering, foul language and abusive attitude exposed… I am a dare devil for channeling this, but I was strongly guided to. The purpose of this deck is healing feminine self-image, finding confidence and facing the problem instead of running from it.


For Your Highest Good

Warning : Controvesial adult language! No sugar coat answers from Spirit Guides to help you to get through the compromising situation. Ask question, pull a card or two to see what guides would recommend.


For Your Highest Good: Volume 2

Warning : Controvesial adult language! No sugar coat answers from Spirit Guides to help you to get through the compromising situation. Ask question, pull a card or two to see what guides would recommend.


For Your Highest Good: Volume 3

Warning : Controvesial adult language! No sugar coat answers from Spirit Guides to help you to get through the compromising situation. Ask question, pull a card or two to see what guides would recommend.


Ruthless Bundle

Get all three


Path to Self Expression Deck

Career Oracle, could be used with combination of different Tarot decks, very versatile and fun to work with. Could be used in mediumship and for getting an idea of environment of the subject. Free domestic shipping


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