About Extrasensory Empress…

Pleasure to meet you, I am Oksana.
Born in Odessa, Ukraine. Former ballerina.

I always knew I was going to cross the ocean due to my premonition dream when I was a child. The dream manifested at the age of 18, I came to US in December 2000.

I am a gifted intuitive reader, a medium & a reiki master. I trained with many skilled individuals, shamans and been practicing spirituality for over 15 years, which includes working with crystals, herbs, ritual magic, astrology & numerology. I am also certified with World’s Metaphysical Academy as a Master of Divination & Mystical Arts based on my experience & additional demonstration of my skills.

Shortly after my son’s passing in January of 2017, my consciousness has expanded tremendously, and I was strongly encouraged by my coaches to come out of shadows and start helping others.
My mission is to empower and to guide. I work with variety of healing & divination tools such as Tarot, Symbolon, Lenormand, Pendulum, Rods, Oracles and
much more. I also created variety of oracles to give more clarity to my readings. I craft protection amulets and create repellants to keep dark forces at bay.
Along with my tools, I use common sense approach & practical steps to help a client to release all attachments, evolve & live a full abundant life.